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On January, 18th, the FP of Keys & Pillars Chapter No. 3, Prince Awalime Kokou Marcelin and Officers of the SGCBRAMG presented a cheque to Mrs Elke Schmidt-Zawatzki the general manager of the hexenHaus.
The hexenHaus is an organisation advising and helping people (female/male) in crisis situations and also a domestic violence shelter.
More details you will find here.
The Companions have donated € 3750.00
The money collected will be used to improve what is being offered to help and upport children in particular.


Left to right: RE Comp Joseph K Maison, Mrs Elke Schmidt-Zawatzki, E Comp Prince Awalime Kokou Marcelin and Mrs Miriam Stock, hexenHaus.



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Details to be published

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The First Grand Principal nominated Niedersachsen Royal Arch Chapter No 4  as the sponsor for the Grand Chapter Charity appeal for 2014, the late  First Principal of Chapter 4 Excellent Companion Arthur Chikwem Diolulu  was suffering from cancer and decided our Chapter would like to help a  cause within the Hannover area, he decided along with the members to  nominate:

The institute for Children with cancer in Hannover; http://www.verein-fuer-krebskranke-kinder-hannover.de/
The First Principal of our chapter past to the eternal East on the 6th February 2014, but members of the Chapter worked on the cause throughout the year, especially the Scribe Ezra.
Supreme Grand Chapter of British Royal Arch Masonry of Germany was therefore  delighted to present a cheque to the institution on Wednesday 21st January 2015 to the value of €4,600.00; the SGCBRAMG was represented by the First Grand Principal – Most Excellent Companion Bill Beardmore,  the First Principal of RAC 4 Excellent Companion Stew Cunningham and  Very Excellent Companion Roddy Mackenzie.

The picture shows VE Comp Roddy handing over the cheque to Frau Georgia  Mysegades and Frau Irma PlĂĽnnecke and E Comp Stew looking on;  unfortunately the FGP took the picture!!


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The Charity raised the sum of € 7.000,00

A cheque was presented by the ME FGP, John Hebel (r) to the coordinator of the project, Michael Hemming (l) on December, 7th.


  • To bring water to the Mayana community in a safe, convenient location.
  • To provide water for domestic animals and crops.
  • To enable the Mayana community to become self-sufficient & self-sustaining.
  • To encourage the Mayana community to move permanently
    out of the flood plains by providing them with a local water supply.
  • To conserve the flood plains and riverine areas, as well as to encourage &
    support the return of riverine flora and fauna.

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For this year the First Grand Principal, ME Comp Philip John Hebel, had selected the charity:-
Royal College of Surgeons of England
Sponsor: Keys & Pillars chapter No 3
For more details visit the website: http://www.rcseng.ac.uk

On December, 1st, 2012 a cheque was presented to Bro John Fountain, the  representative of the Royal College of Surgeons, who had just given a  most interesting lecture on the work of the Colloge.
In a joint effort of the Companions and the members of other Masonic Orders € 25,500.00 have been donated.

Presenting the cheque are (left to right):
John MacKinnon, Deputy District Grand Master, the District Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons;
Philip John Hebel  First Grand Principal of the Grand Chapter of British Royal Arch Masons in Germany;
Bill Beardmore, Provincial Grand Master of the Royal Order of Scotland, Province of Rheinland;
John Barton Gibson BEM, Immediate Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of British Freemasons in Germany;
Wolfgang Schäfer Grand Sovereign of the Imperial Grand Conclave of the Red Cross of Constantine;
John Fountain, Royal College of Surgeons;
Austin Holtum, Dst. Recorder Dist. No. 43 of the College of the Holy Royal  Arch of Knights Templar Priests or Order of Holy Wisdom


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The Paul Moor-Schule in Mönchengladbadbach was selected by the FGP as the Charity for 2011. - Sponsor: Rheinland Chapter No 1

For further details visit: www.caritas-mg.net/Paul-MoorSchule.htm

M. E. Companion Philip John Hebel, FGP, (left) presenting a cheque to Mr. Klaus Kohn, Headmaster of Paul Moor Schule.
On the right: E. Comp. Glyn Edmonds, Liaison Officer.

- Annual Convocation - Holiday In Ratingen - December, 2nd, 2017 - 10:30 hrs -